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Swiss artist, Inna lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland. Her work is inspired by the individuality of all physical things and energies found in the natural world with high emphasis on the aesthetic beauty, balance and harmony.

This internationally-active artist continues to work in her studio in Geneva. Today, she dedicates herself fully to the craft of painting.

In a continuing search for the existential connection between mankind and his environment, Inna enjoys painting Swiss nature. When painting landscapes, she is often working straight from nature, en plein air, focusing on changing things like the light and the sky, or the movement in the water. Her work is grounded in the romantic tradition of landscape, yet different techniques and palette add an abstract quality. Her aim is to capture unique moments, gaining a deeper understanding of nature, social interactions and being present to see the little moments that otherwise might be missed. Behind each representation in her paintings there is thought on the flow direction, making it harmonious and complete.

Work Philosophy

Every day, we spend most of our time indoors. It is important to remember about amazing, beautiful things around us.

Work in Studio

Usually, I make pencil and oil sketches outdoors to establish the main compositional masses and elements of a landscape. Later I use photographs to work on details, tones and color in my studio.