Inna is an acclaimed Swiss artist whose mesmerizing landscapes and contemporary artworks celebrate beauty of the natural world.

With a dual role as an artist and art curator at HelvetArt Gallery, she has curated and participated in prestigious exhibitions in Switzerland, UK and around the world, including Amsterdam International Art Fair. Inna's paintings distinguished by their dynamic compositions, vibrant colors, and meticulous attention to detail, have earned her numerous international awards.
Beyond traditional landscapes, Inna's portfolio is encompassing a diverse array of styles and mediums. Whether working with the lush textures of oils, the bold hues of acrylics, or the delicate translucency of watercolors, she infuses each piece with her signature flair. From evocative abstract interpretations to contemporary compositions, Inna's artworks resonate with vitality and depth, inviting viewers on a transcendent journey through her imagination. Each stroke of her brush is imbued with intention, revealing a profound connection to the natural world and a relentless pursuit of artistic innovation.

Work Philosophy

Inna believes that art has the power to elevate our everyday experiences, reminding us of the wonders that exist both within and beyond our immediate surroundings. With each brushstroke, she seeks to capture moments of magic and inspiration, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of discovery and appreciation.

Work in Studio

In her studios in Geneva and London, Inna combines outdoor sketching with studio refinement. Starting with pencil and oil or watercolor sketches en plein air, she establishes the composition and mood of each piece before refining details and colors using photographs in her studio. This allows to preserve the authenticity of the outdoor work.

Work in Progress

Currently, immersed in the depths of her studio in London, Inna  is channeling her creative energy into a monumental new project. With each brushstroke, weaving together a new captivating collection. Stay tuned as this creation will be unveiled, brimming with passion, innovation, and boundless artistic vision.

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