#LoveinTimesofCorona Series

Not long time ago I’ve started a new series of paintings called: « #LoveintimesofCorona ». In this project I seek to portray people and their surroundings in the moments of self-distancing, or after it, investigating emotions caused by this situation of condemnation and exaltation, degeneration and regeneration. My goal is to expose tensions within the larger context of coronavirus outbreak and the most recent trends in social behaviors that are related to it.

The COVID-19 pandemic unquestionably presents an era-defining challenge to the public health. I find very important to talk about it through art.

Here is my second work in this series. It has been very positively received on my social media (@kislukasss), it received a lot of comments, interactions and reposts. What do you think about it?

Oil on canvas, silver leaf, 30*24 cm.

Technique used: pointillism.

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